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Beyond successful ageing: Longevity and healthy ageing among Australian Women.
We will examine changes within cohorts of Australian women born 1921-26 and 1946-51 to identify trajectories of HealthyAgeingas defined by WHO, and compare these as to whether or not women can be considered to have achieved SuccessfulAgeing using disease and disability based models of ageing (1). We argue that Healthy Ageing allows for more diversity inageing trajectories, with interaction between intrinsic capacities and external supports.

Prof Julie Byles
Prof Julie Byles
Prof Deborah Loxton
Dr Lucy Leigh
Dr Liz Holliday
Dr John Beard
Dr Paul Kowal
Prof Carol Jagger
Dr Mijanur Rahman
Dr Meredith Tavener
Ms Emily Princehorn
Mr Befikadu Wubishet