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Assessing patterns of change in lifestyle behaviours following birth
Up to 1 in 2 Australian women are overweight and obese which can be worsened by excessive weight gain during pregnancy and after childbirth. Postpartum weight retention is common and fewer than 50% of women are estimated to returnto their pre-pregnancy weight. Changes in diet and physical activity after childbirth can contribute to parity-related weight gain. However, it is not known if specific groups of women (eg based on factors such as age, health status, education, income, occupation and ethnicity) have particular difficulties in following healthy lifestyle behaviours, that may in turn be associated with greater parity-related weight gain.

Prof Wendy Brown
A/Prof Lisa Moran
Assoc. Prof. Arul Earnest
Mr Sanjeeva Ranasinha
Prof Helena Teede
Dr Siew Lim
Prof Helen Skouteris
Dr Jacqueline Boyle
Dr Briony Hill
A/Prof Allison Hodge
Mrs Maureen Makama