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Endometriosis: Prevalence, health outcomes and health service use.
Based on international data, endometriosis is clinically diagnosed in 10-13% of women. However, there are no current national,Australian estimates. This study estimates the prevalence of endometriosis (self-reported and surgically confirmed) in twocohorts of young women and describes women’s long-term health outcomes and health service use. Data from women’s selfreporteddoctor diagnoses of endometriosis from the ALSWH surveys will be combined with surgery data from Medicare Benefits Schedule and the state-based Admitted Patients Data collections to provide national estimates and examine outcomes.

Prof Gita Mishra
Dr Ingrid Rowlands
Prof Grant Montgomery
Prof Jason Abbott
Prof Peter Rogers
Mr Richard Hockey
Prof Annette Dobson
Dr Darsy Darssan
A/Prof Tracy Comans