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The impact of multiple chronic conditions: Findings from the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health (Major Report O)
This is Major Report O, a deliverable under the main contract for ALSWH with the Australian Department of Health. The report will examine the extent to which ALSWH participants suffer from multimorbidity, that is, the co-occurrence of more than one chronic condition. It will describe the prevalence of multiple conditions across the life course, and their impact on women’s quality of life, use of health and other support services, and the costs.

Prof Julie Byles
Prof Annette Dobson
Prof Gita Mishra
Prof Julie Byles
Prof Deborah Loxton
Dr Amy Anderson
A/Prof Leigh Tooth
Dr Michael Waller
Mrs Peta Forder
Mr Richard Hockey
Dr Ingrid Aulike
Mr David Fitzgerald
Ms Colleen Loos
Mr Dominic Cavenagh
Mr Nick Egan
Dr Zhiwei Xu