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Ascertainment of parity in the ALSWH/MatCH cohorts using linked perinatal records.
In2016-17, the Mothers and their Children’s Health (MatCH) study asked the 1973-78 ALSWH cohort about the health of their children (then aged under 13 years). Over 3,000 mothers (of 14,247 women originally enrolled in the ALSWH cohort in 1996) took part, reporting on 5,799 children. This project uses linked perinatal records for the whole 1973-78 cohort; and published data for same-aged women in the Australian Population; to assess the representative of both MatCH and ALSWH, in terms of the number and ages of birth children.

Prof Gita Mishra
Ms Colleen Loos
Prof Annette Dobson
Mr David Fitzgerald