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Joint growth mixture and survival analysis: Sitting, physical activity, and mortality
Physical activity and, more recently, sitting time are suggested to be associated with all-cause mortality. However, much of the epidemiology arises from observational studies assessing physical activity and sitting time at a single point in time (at baseline), on subsequent mortality. This is problematic because relating mortality risks to baseline physical activity and/or sitting levels does not account for within-person variation over the long term, potentially diluting the epidemiological associations. We will investigate the associations between long-term physical activity and sitting trajectories and all-cause mortality in middle-age women. This is likely to result in more accurate estimates of the real impact that physical activity and sitting time may have on all-cause mortality.

Prof Annette Dobson
Dr Borja del Pozo-Cruz
Dr Paul Gardiner
Dr Jiesi Guo
Dr Brigid Lynch