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Incidence and predictors of Neonatal Near Miss, and its impact on parenting and child health outcomes in Australia
The concept of neonatal near miss (NNM), a condition where a newborn has nearly died but survived, has been proposed as a tool for assessment of quality of care in neonates who suffered any life-threatening condition[1]. Research from other settings indicates that different factors contribute to the incidence of NNM and children with NNM history are at risk of encountering various health and health related problems during their course of life. Research also has indicated that having a high risk infant poses significant family, societal and economic impacts; although this relationship is yet to be investigated with NNM[2]. This project will align these areas of research by investigating the incidence and predictors of NNM, and its impact on parenting and child health outcomes

Prof Deborah Loxton
Prof Deborah Loxton
Dr Catherine Chojenta
Mrs Peta Forder
Mr Tahir Ahmen Hassen
A/Prof Koert de Waal
Mr Nick Egan