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Community responses to chronic illness: A national sociological study of women's complementary medicine self-care.
This project aims to examine through mixed methods (survey and qualitative interview/diary method fieldwork) the complementary medicine (CM) self-care practices and product use for chronic illness amongst Australian women aged in their 60s. A wide range of CM practices and products are available for preventive or treatment use without the instruction or guidance of a health provider (ranging from yoga and meditation practices through to vitamins, herbal medicines and dietary supplements) and such use raises a number of interesting health social science and public health issues. While CM self-care use and consumption has been growing over recent years we still know very little about: who the women are that utilise such CM self-care for chronic illness; the information sources they utilise and how they make decisions regarding such CM self-care; the details of women’s CM self-care and women’s evaluations of CM self-care activities; and the women’s interface/communication with health providers (including complementary therapists, GPs, allied health professionals, community pharmacists) about such CM self-care for chronic illness.

Professor David Sibbritt
Prof Jon Adams
Prof Alexander Broom
Dr Emma Kirby
Prof Patricia Davidson