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Mother's and their Children's Health (MatCH) study - Phase I
The MatCH study aims to take a family-centred approach to advance understanding of child health and development in terms of all the children in a family unit, by investigating factors with regard to a) the history of maternal and family characteristics and b) their effects on the health and development of all the children in the family. The study will combine detailed data from a national cohort of women with new survey data on their children to paint a picture of family health and health service use that is unparalleled, supporting a more integrated and targeted approach to the delivery of preventative and primary health care for all Australian families. The baseline survey was conducted from August 2016 to May 2017. 3,063 mothers provided data on 5780 children.
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Prof Gita Mishra
Prof Gita Mishra
Prof Peter Davies
Prof Annette Dobson
Prof Virginia Slaughter
A/Prof Leigh Tooth
A/Prof Kylie Hesketh
Prof Deborah Loxton
Prof Ilona Koupil
Prof Carol Bower
Prof Peter Sly
Ms Colleen Loos
Dr Hsiu-Wen Chan
Dr Akilew Adane
Mr Richard Hockey
Dr Katrina Moss
Miss Sifan Cao
Mr Tesfaye Setegn Mengistu
Ms YungTing Chang
Dr Ingrid Aulike