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Sustainable employment and healthy ageing for women
Good health is essential to improve workforce participation at older ages, which enables ageing populations to retain a strong economy with a wide tax-payer base. Workforce participation includes engagement in paid work on a full or part-time basis. Healthy workforce participation involves workers also exhibiting good health-related quality of life including physical, mental and social well-being, whether or not they also have chronic health conditions. Workability reflects the match between an individuals health capacities, the demands of their work, and the supports provided by their work environment. This study will examine how workability, socio-economic, work and health-related factors impact on workforce participation amongst a representative group of Australian women born between 1973-1978 who are approaching mid-age and might therefore be considered an “older worker”. This will be the first longitudinal national dataset in Australia that will measure sustainable employability elements amongst working women on a population level, and enable assessment of earlier life factors that influence workability as women enter the later stages of their working life. This study will increase our understanding of how best to extend a healthy working life among older workers. It will inform individuals, employers, health programmers and policy makers about how best to maintain or increase a healthy workforce participation within the context of an ageing population.

Prof Julie Byles
Dr Sabrina Pit
Prof Julie Byles
Dr Meredith Tavener
Mrs Peta Forder