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What is ALSWH? The Australian Longitudinal Study on Women's Health, also known as WHoA! - Women's Health of Australia. We want better health outcomes for Australian women. We want Australian women to be happier and healthier as they live their lives. This is our story: Our story starts with you. Over the past twenty years, you've been completing our surveys, telling us about your health, relationships, lifestyle, family, eating habits, pregnancy and babies, feelings you have, medical history, access and use of health services. To protect your privacy, we take the information about you and give it a special number. Then we combine your story with stories from other women your age. Those stories are then combined with other health information like Medicare, hospital visits, Government funded medicines and other ALSWH surveys. By collecting the stories of Australian women, we can identify areas where health-related support is needed - women who don't have access to a doctor, women living on their own, women with special health needs etc. Using your stories, we discuss with policy makers the health care needs of Australian women. Policy makers then use this information to guide their decisions about: Delivering services - eg funding more doctors; Issuing guidelines - eg what to eat to stay healthy; Making policies - eg bulk billing. So you see, your story is helping to make a difference for women across the country (including you). For more information about The Australian Longitudinal Study on Women's Health, visit our website Thanks!