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Welcome to GELLES

Approximately 1 in 9 women in their mid to late 40s in Australia will be diagnosed with endometriosis.

The Genetic variants, Early Life exposures, and Longitudinal Endometriosis symptoms Study (GELLES) aims to improve our understanding of the causes and progression of endometriosis, to develop tools and guidelines that will improve diagnosis.

The GELLES pilot study is now closed.

Thank you to all women who took part in this phase of the study. You will receive a summary of what researchers found, so keep an eye on your inbox.

Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health (ALSWH or Women’s Health Australia) participants will receive an invitation to take part in GELLES in late 2021 (women born between 1989-95) and mid-2022 (women born between 1973-78).

If you have any queries regarding the GELLES study please contact the study team via email (alswh@newcastle.edu.au or info@alswh.org.au) or phone (1800 068 081).