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Participant information

The GELLES study is currently open to women born between 1989-95 who hold a Medicare card. GELLES will compare women with and without endometriosis. You don’t need to have an endometriosis diagnosis or symptoms to participate.

GELLES is currently not open to women who are already involved with the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health (ALSWH). The ALSWH study team will be contact you regarding your interest to participant in the GELLES at a later date.

Study participants will

  • Complete a survey on early life history and reproductive symptoms during adolescence
  • Participate in a 30-60 minute focus group or interview via videoconferencing or telephone

Once you have read and understood the study information statement, please register your interest by clicking the link below. A study team member will send a survey link to the email address you provide. Once you have completed the survey, we will contact you to organise a time for your focus group or interview.

-> Download the participant information sheet

-> Survey link/Register your interest