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MatCH substudy

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The Mothers and their Children’s Health (MatCH) Substudy investigates the intergenerational determinants of child health and development among children of women in the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health 1973-78 cohort.

MatCH investigates how maternal and family characteristics – collected for over 20 years – impact the health and development of the next generation.

In 2016, mothers from the 1973-78 ALSWH cohort were invited to complete the MatCH survey about their three youngest birth children aged under 13 years. 3,048 mothers participated, reporting on 5,842 children.

Survey measures included diet and physical activity, health-related quality of life, illness and disability, health service use, sleep, social and emotional development, and anthropometric measures.

Survey data from MatCH are complemented by linked child educational records (Australian Early Development Census and NAPLAN).

MatCH data collection was funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council 2014 – 2019. The Australian Government department of Health and Aged Care funds the ALSWH Data Access Program.

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