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3 children watching tv

Screen time realities: harder for families with multiple children

February 14, 2022
Only 23 per cent of families with children in different aged-based screen time categories were adhering to the screen time recommendations.
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Veggies are best for baby’s first solids

July 3, 2020
Children aged 2-12 years who were given fruit or vegetables instead of cereal as their first semi-solid food in infancy ate fruit and vegetables more frequently in childhood, and ate a wider variety of vegetables.
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Maternal depression: seeking help sooner is better for mums and kids

June 15, 2020
Mothers may worry that if they’ve been depressed during pregnancy then it’s too late to do anything about it, but reducing depressive symptoms at any stage is better for them and their children.
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‘Breast is best’ push out of touch

June 4, 2020
Using data from the Mothers and their Children’s Health (MatCH) substudy, researchers have discovered why only 34 per cent of mothers exclusively breastfeed to six months, despite the global push to increase rates to 50 per cent.
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High-risk mothers missing out on mental health checks

June 11, 2020
One in five Australian mothers is not receiving critical perinatal mental health checks, a University of Queensland study has found.
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Play equipment that gets kids moving

September 17, 2019
Parents will be pleased to know that more is not always better when it comes to play equipment for their children.
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Screen time no child’s play

July 24, 2019
Experts are urging parents to brush up on national guidelines following a rapid rise in screen time on electronic devices for children under two. A University of Queensland study found some young children might average 50 minutes per day, where the national guidelines called for zero screen time in children under the age of two.

Women urged to put mental health on pre-conception checklist

January 21, 2019
Women who are depressed before conception are more likely to have children with poor psychosocial outcomes, University of Queensland researchers have found.
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Australia’s longest-running women’s health study to add children’s data

August 22, 2019
Research linking two decades of data on Australian women with outcomes for their children will provide an unparalleled insight into child health and development.
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