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The majority of women had recieved at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, with higher uptake amonth older women

ALSWH COVID-19 Survey Vaccine Report, September 2021

The ALSWH’s COVID-19 Surveys provide timely insight into women’s health and wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The fortnightly surveys were deployed via email to women in the three ALSWH cohorts born 1989-95, 1973-78, and 1946-51, from late April 2020. Survey 15 was deployed in late August 2021 to examine women’s concerns about the pandemic and their risk of being infected with the virus. The survey also explored access to COVID-19 vaccines and women’s intentions and concerns about getting a COVID-19 vaccine.


The report investigates:

  • women’s feelings of stress about the ongoing COVID-19 crisis
  • testing and repeat testing
  • uptake of COVID-19 vaccines
  • factors influencing vaccine uptake including
    • practical considerations (availability, ease of access, preferred locations)
    • personal motivations (intention to vaccinate)
    • thoughts and perceptions about the COVID-19 vaccines (importance of vaccine benefits and confidence in safety); and
    • social processes (influence from family, friends and community, and benefit to self).


Peta Forder, Amy Anderson, Natalie Townsend, Deborah Loxton. ALSWH COVID-19 Survey Vaccine Report, September 2021