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Annual Report 2016

The Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health (ALSWH) celebrated its 20th year in 2016. Funded by the Australian Government Department of Health, ALSWH assesses women’s physical and mental health, as well as socio-demographic and lifestyle factors, and their use of health services.

The Study is a national research resource, and since its inception has provided an evidence base to the government and other decision-making bodies within Australia for the development and evaluation of policy and practice in many areas of service delivery that affect women.

ALSWH strongly supports the use of linked data in health services research to provide evidence for evaluation of the use and impact of health services. Study data is currently linked with data from national administrative datasets (e.g., Medicare Benefits Schedule, Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, National Death Index, and Aged Care) as well as state/territory datasets (e.g., hospital admissions, perinatal data, and cancer registries).

This report outlines progress and achievements during 2016.

ISSN: 2653-3227