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Annual Report 2021

Annual report 2021 front cover picture of a birthday card

Like women all around the country, 2021 was a balance between business as ‘usual’ and business as ‘unusual’ as the COVID-19 pandemic continued to drive upheaval in lives and communities. We found reason to celebrate, with 28 women from the 1921-28 cohort receiving birthday cards to mark their 100th birthdays. Additional highlights from the year included the preparation of a major report on women’s reproductive health, and the launch of a major substudy for the 1973-78 cohort.

The Menarche to Pre-Menopause substudy involved the collection of a range of biomedical data (including saliva or blood samples, and physical activity monitors) either at home using mailed kits, or through visits to clinics located across the country. By the end of the year, despite the challenges presented by various COVID-19 lockdowns, over 1,300 women had been able to provide data, which will be used to investigate the associations between female reproductive factors, from menarche and menses through to pregnancy and subfertility, and the risks of cardiometabolic and respiratory conditions during the menopausal transition.

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ISSN: 2653-3227