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Inquiry into universal access to reproductive healthcare

Cover - ALSWH Submission ot the Reproductive Healthcare Inquiry

The inquiry was established to investigate barriers to achieving priorities under the National Women’s Health Strategy for ‘universal access to sexual and reproductive health information, treatment and services that offer options to women to empower choice and control in decision-making about their bodies’.

ALSWH submission to the Reproductive Healthcare Inquiry

This submission outlines findings from the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health in relation to the cost and accessibility of:

  • health services;
  • contraception; and
  • reproductive healthcare.

The submission also provides recommendations on workforce development, improving access to contraception, health literacy, and ongoing data collection and monitoring of contraception and healthcare service use.

ALSWH participation in public hearings

The Senate Community Affairs References Committee invited ALSWH Directors, Professor Deb Loxton and Professor Gita Mishra, to elaborate on this submission and take questions at a public hearing on the 28th of April, 2023.

Final Report

The final report, Ending the postcode lottery: Addressing barriers to sexual, maternity and reproductive healthcare in Australia, outlines recommendations and acknowledges ALSWH’s participation.