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Productivity Commission Inquiry into Carer Leave

Submission cover - ALSWH response to the Productivity Commission Inquiry into Carer Leave

This inquiry examined the economic and social impacts of allowing informal carers to take extended unpaid leave from their work to care for older people who are frail and living at home.

ALSWH submission

The ALSWH surveys have tracked carers’ experiences in the 1921-26, 1946-51, and 1973-78 cohorts since 1996. ALSWH has reported on the impact of caregiving on carers’ health and wellbeing for over 15 years and has made numerous policy recommendations.

This submission provides evidence on:

  • The circumstances in which women become informal carers
  • How formal and informal care interact in the aged care sector
  • How informal carers are affected by their caring responsibilities
  • The factors women took into account when considering whether to take on a caring role
  • Income supports and services used by and needed by carers
  • Whether supports should extend to carers of people other than elderly adults

Inquiry Report

The Carer Leave Inquiry released its report A case for an extended unpaid carer leave entitlement? on September 15th, 2023. The report finds that an entitlement to extended unpaid carer leave would help some informal carers but is not the highest priority for most carers and would be unsuitable and inaccessible to many. It also finds that other policies, especially better access to flexible work would make a bigger difference.

The ALSWH submission was cited in report sections discussing financial stress and access to pscyhological and community support for carers.

Go to page Download the final report from the Australian Government Productivity Commission website.

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