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The Influence of lifestyles factors on breast cancer incidence among Australian women born in different generations.


Breast cancer (BC) incidence has substantially increased over the past decades. Although evidence is available regarding individual risk factors for BC, less is known about the impact of combinations or patterns of lifestyle factors on BC incidence in a given cohort, and there are no studies assessing this issue in different cohorts. Using over two decades of survey data from three cohorts (born in 1921-26, 1946-51, and 1973-78) of the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women Health (ALSWH) and linked Australian cancer database, this study aims to assess how different lifestyle patterns are associated with BC incidence over time at different stages of women s lives. The study will also examine whether there is any indirect contribution of lifestyle factors on BC incidence through other comorbidities and non-adherence to BC screening.