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Influence of socio-economic position and lifestyle factors on transitions in caring for women born 1946-1951 and 1973-1978


Informal caring is a significant burden on the people – largely women – who take it on, and there is evidence that carers tend to be disadvantaged economically and in poor physical and emotional health. The proposed project uses existing data from ALSWH, collected over 18 years from the 1973-78 and 1946-51 cohorts, to examine the interrelationships between socioeconomic position (SEP) and lifestyle factors and informal caring amongst the ALSWH women. It explores transitions in informal caring, and the extent to which the caring role may moderate the relationships between SEP and physical and emotional wellbeing. It further examines the associations between lifestyle factors and caring trajectories, and the influence of caring trajectories on lifestyle behaviours and health outcomes.