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Rurality, vulnerability and intimate partner violence


The proposed project is part of the collaborative research program through the UNE-led Collaborative Research Network on Mental Health & Well-being of Rural Communities ($4.8m). Prof. Hussain is one of the lead CRN investigators. In addition to her substantive position at UNE, she holds a Conjoint Professorial appointment with the School of Medicine & Public Health at UoN. The RCGHA (UoN), represented by Prof. Byles & Dr Loxton, is a designated academic partner in the CRN grant. In line with the focus of the CRN grant on rural health issues, this project aims to examine differences in the prevalence and health outcomes of intimate partner violence (IPV), for women living in rural areas compared with women living in metropolitan and regional areas. The study, will undertake secondary analysis of data from the 1973-78 and 1946-51 cohorts to explore longitudinally the association between place of residence and other socio-economic factors to determine the correlates of violence, pattern of violence and the impact of violence on mental and emotional well-being of women in rural communities. Additionally, the study will utilise data linkage techniques to link to Medicare data MBS for the above cohorts to investigate help-seeking behaviour by rurality. We are cognisant that the MBS data will not include emergency hospital visits but provide a more general picture of frequency of health services use.