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Validation and Correlates of MOS Social Support 6 Item Short Form Measure, and associations with mental health


Stage 1: Validate the 6 item short form MOS Social Support (MOSSS6) as a suitable alternative to the validated 19 item total score of the MOS Social support Index by: a) using all waves of the 1973-78 and 1946-51 cohorts with 19 items available to determine the concurrent validity of the MOSSS6 compared to the 19 item version and b) using ‘Known Group’ construct validity to determine whether the MOSSS6 differentiates between groups found in the literature to vary in levels of social support based on the characteristic category. Stage 2: Using MOSSS6 in waves Y2-Y5 and M2-M6: a) Identify factors associated with social support; b) Determine the role of social support in mental health outcomes.