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Assessment of quality health care in older women with asthma: equity and outcomes


This study will investigate the quality of health care received by older and middle-aged women according to whether or not they have been diagnosed with asthma. Although asthma management has improved, there is still very little recognition of the importance of asthma management in older age. Quality asthma care for old people is important as it impacts mortality, management of comorbidities, and quality of life. This study aims to (a) validate self-reported asthma status against reported symptoms, and administrative health records; (b) determine the level of asthma-related care provided to older women with asthma in terms of MBS and PBS services; (c) examine quality of life and survival in older women with respect to asthma status and level of service use in the presence of other factors and compare old women to middle aged women in terms of quality care.