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The value of continuity of care in Australian general practice.


Continuity of care is seen as a cornerstone of high quality primary health care. In Australia, most primary health care is delivered in general practices. The aim of this study is to explore the relationship between continuity of care with a general practitioner (GP) or general practice, and health care quality and health care outcomes. In the first instance, the study will measure levels of continuity of care with a GP and with a general practice in the ALSWH survey population, and identify factors associated with predicting the likelihood of a woman receiving high levels of primary care with a single provider or a single practice. Secondly, the study will examine whether greater continuity delivers higher quality care and better health outcomes in terms of disease prevention, medication compliance, use of health services, management of (chronic) disease and decreased health costs. By better understanding the relationship between continuity of care (at provider and practice level), and health outcomes, patients can be encouraged to seek care that maximises health, and policy makers can potentially encourage health maximising and cost effective behaviour.