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The relationship between different occupations, energy balance and weight gain over time.


Despite multidisciplinary efforts to tackle obesity and overweight in Australia, excess weight prevalence still remains high at 63%. With the majority of Australians being also inactive, it is clear that physical inactivity negatively contributes to energy expenditure, leading to energy imbalance and weight gain over time. Energy expenditure varies with sex, age, genetics, but it is also likely to be different in different jobs. Some occupations are mostly sedentary (i.e. office work), while others involve more walking and heavy lifting (i.e. trades). Likewise, many factors contribute to energy intake, which is not always adjusted to individuals’ energy expenditure. The aim of this study is to investigate whether there are differences in energy intake and leisure time energy expenditure in women in different occupational groups, and if so, whether this is related to weight gain.