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Adverse pregnancy outcomes among women in Australia.


Adverse pregnancy outcomes have been associated with various socio-demographic factors, life events, and health conditions, such as hypertension, diabetes, and asthma. About a quarter (25.8%) (11) of pregnancies in Australia end with any adverse pregnancy outcomes, including preterm birth (8.7%), low birth weight (6.5%), caesarean section (33%), labour induction (29%), and instrumental delivery (11% - 12%)(2), and macrosomia (9.1% in gestational diabetic and 11.9% non-diabetic pregnancies)(12) . This study will generate evidence about the occurrence, recurrence, trajectory and geospatial distribution of adverse pregnancy outcomes among women in Australia. This study will assist with resource planning, clinical decision making, explaining geographic distribution and momentum/course of adverse pregnancy outcomes during the reproductively active years.