1989-95 Cohort

This year's survey can be started here.

In 2012/13 more than 17,000 young women aged 18-23 were recruited to form a new cohort. The information provided by women in this age-group will help determine what the health issues are for this generation, as well as helping to improve health services for current and future generations.  Participants will complete their third survey this year (2015).

How participating in this research helps:

Every generation faces new and different health risks. We don't know exactly what health risks a new generation of young women will face but by asking women to complete surveys, we can map health and life events of Australian women. With this information we can then make recommendations to inform public health bodies.

By completing annual online surveys, young Australian women can help us uncover their health and wellbeing priorities and also improve health services for women of all ages and for generations to come.

The winners of the Survey 5 Pilot prize are: KELLY (490971239) and ELIZA (490479677). Congratulations!