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Data may be made available for students to use in their projects. Application is via the EoI procedure as for non-student projects. Please visit the Applying for data page for further information. 

A student must be listed as lead collaborator on an EoI where the majority of the project will contribute to the student’s award. An exception to this is where linked data are being requested, in this case the primary supervisor needs to be listed as the lead collaborator. 

The following is a list of current students whose project consists of an analysis of ALSWH data.

PhD Students

Asres Bedaso University of Technology Sydney
An examination of low social support during pregnancy and its effect on mental health, quality of life and healthy lifestyle behaviours of pregnant women

Sara Berndt The University of Queensland
Early life exposures and endometriosis in Australian women

Biresaw Wassihun Alemu The University of Queensland
Reproductive events and workforce participation across the life course

Meredith Burgess The University of Queensland
Minority stress, and access to health care for non- heterosexual women

Abhijit Chowdhury The University of Newcastle
Mental health and bone quality in Australian women

Aarushi Dhingra The University of Queensland
Three essays in Health Economics: IVF Policy Change Implications

Siobhan Dickinson University of Technology Sydney
Dental health in Australia – assessing the participatory, utilisation and health outcomes of the Chronic Disease Dental Scheme

Nadine Galloway Australian Catholic University
Body dissatisfaction and psychological well-being in pregnancy

Begashaw Gebresillassie The University of Newcastle
Prediction of non-cancer chronic disease mortality using multiple data sources: a personalised risk stratification to facilitate early palliative care referral

Neta HaGani The University of Sydney
Longitudinal analysis of the relationship between social health and health care utilization among older women from culturally and linguistically diverse communities

Jemma Henderson The University of Newcastle
Domestic violence and mental health: A longitudinal examination of domestic violence and psychological distress for Australian women.

Muhammad Iftikhar ul Husnain University of Southern Queensland
A comprehensive assessment of the health-related quality of life in the forms of health state utility values and health dimension scores in Australian women with dementia.

Chuyao Jin The University of Queensland
Socio-demographic characteristics, health behaviours, health and well-being and health service use of women who are voluntarily childless from young adulthood to middle age

Wing Kwok The University of Sydney
Trajectories of physical activity, sitting time and falls and consequences of falls from middle age to older age

Chen Liang The University of Queensland
Infertility, miscarriage, stillbirth, and non-communicable diseases across lifespan

Alemayehu Mekonn The University of Queensland
Women’s pre-pregnancy preventive healthcare engagement

Tafzila Akter Mouly The University of Queensland
Impact of the residential greenspace on the mental health of the Australian women

Bereket Gebremichael Menota The University of Adelaide
Artificial sweetened beverages consumption and maternal and child health

Amy Beth Myles The University of Adelaide
A longitudinal investigation of the somatisation construct in a nationally representative sample of younger women

Tracey Oorschot University of Technology Sydney
Mental Health and Type 2 Diabetes: Associations with conventional and complementary medicine health service utilisation in young and mid-aged women

Melissa Sherrel Pereira The University of Newcastle
Healthy mother, sustainable nation: A study into the factors averting poor perinatal mental health

Edgar Poon The University of Queensland
Patterns of long-term antidepressant use

Sarwoko Andi Pramono The University of Newcastle
The interface between Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACF) and Acute Hospital Care for Australian women living in RACF, and possible variables that influence the interface

Md Sohel Rana The Daffodil Centre, University of Sydney, a joint venture with Cancer Council NSW
The Influence of lifestyles factors on breast cancer incidence among Australian women born in different generations

Jesty Varghese The University of Queensland
Predictors of hysterectomy among women of reproductive age in Australia


Masters Students

Luke Dcaccia University of Southampton
Health conditions and behaviours of women who regularly consult their GP across their childbearing years

Mihye Jeon The University of Queensland
Risk of cardiovascular disease after breast cancer

Louise Koller-Smith The University of Queensland
Rheumatoid arthritis in Australian women

Gabrielle Menolotto University of Southern Queensland
Patterns in long term weight change and the incidence of adverse urogynaecological health issues in middle aged Australian women

Honours Students

Jessica Marnie The University of Sydney
Legalized abortion access and outcomes relating to family formation, human capital formation, labour market participation and health for women in Australia.

Jayme McCutcheon University of New South Wales
Unraveling the determinants of assisted reproduction service use in reproductive-aged women in Australia with and without chronic disease

Sarah Palmer University of New South Wales
The investigation of trauma and violence on later life urogenital conditions and symptoms among Australian women


The following is a list of past students whose project consisted of an analysis of ALSWH data.

PhD Students

To date 100 PhD students have completed projects using ALSWH data.

Dr Shazia Abbas: Using epidemiological evidence to aid tailored joint decision making in areas of clinical uncertainty in the management of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) in later life
Dr Akilew Adane: Maternal pre-pregnancy obesity, gestational diabetes and hypertensive disorders in pregnancy: Impact on offspring’s cognitive and physical development
Dr Salma Ahmed: The Association Between Maternal and Childhood Environmental Exposures and Mental Health and Cognitive Function of Australian Children
Dr Amani Hamad Alhazmi: Effect of food and the development of type 2 diabetes
Dr Haya Mohammedali Al-Jadani: The association between diet quality and weight change in young and mid-age women over time
Dr Maha Alsalami: Medication use and mental health in older Australian women
Dr Amy Anderson: Assessing alcohol use in pregnant women using data from the ALSWH
Dr Nicole Au: Economic analysis of BMI and employment patterns in Australian women
Dr Kylie Ball: Disordered eating, psychological stress and coping in young women
Dr Lisa Beatty: Psychological adjustment after breast cancer diagnosis and treatment
Dr Sandra Bell: Stress, health behaviours and the transition to adulthood among young women
Dr Habtamu Bizuayehu: Adverse pregnancy outcomes among women in Australia: Prevalence, recurrence, pattern of multiple outcomes and risk factors
Dr Michelle Blumfield: Nutrition during pregnancy: An evaluation of maternal dietary intake and the development of foetal adiposity
Dr Steven Bowe: Adjusting for death in longitudinal studies
Dr Alice Campbell: Sexual identity change among Australian women: Patterns, predictors and outcomes
Dr Sifan Cao: The relationships between menstrual problems and endometriosis over time
Dr Pauline Chiarelli: Female urinary incontinence in Australia: prevalence and prevention in postpartum women
Dr Cath Chojenta: Predictors of postnatal depression
Dr Leah Collins: Predicting depression, positive psychological outcomes and quality of life in Australian women with chronic illness
Dr Tessa Copp: Investigation of the benefits and harms of a polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) diagnosis and the potential for overdiagnosis
Dr Cassie Curryer: Ageing in place without children: A study of Australian women’s experiences of ageing
Dr Sue Conrad: Neighbourhood, geographic location and health
Dr Xenia Dolja Gore: Predictors of mental health services utilisation and costs for Australian women
Dr Katie de Luca: Arthritis impact over time: A longitudinal exploration of burden of illness, comorbidities (particularly depression), management, and health care costs in older Australian women
Dr Gina Dillon: Rurality, vulnerability and intimate partner violence
Dr Parivash Eftekhari: Health care use by older Australian women with asthma
Dr Carole Fisher: Cyclic perimenstrual pain and discomfort and the role of complementary and alternative medicine in its treatment
Dr Cate France: Battling the black dog: An exploration of the strategies used by young Australian women coping with depression
Dr Jane Frawley: A qualitative analysis of the use of Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM) in relation to health status and health service utilisation by women who are pregnant or have recently given birth
Dr Leanne Fray: Children’s structured leisure activities: Three generations of change
Dr Dereje Gete: Maternal diets before pregnancy and its effects on birth outcomes and child health and well-being
Dr Melissa Graham: Treatments for menstrual symptoms: An epidemiological investigation
Dr Ellie Gresham: Longitudinal changes in maternal diet
Dr Mitiku Teshome Hambisa: Assessment of healthy ageing and health care utilization among Australian women in the 1921-26 cohort of the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health: “Using driving as operational indicators of ageing well
Dr Tahir Ahmed Hassan: Incidence and predictors of neonatal near miss, and its impact on parenting and child health outcomes in Australia
Dr Chris Harrington: Patterns of health service use by older women in their last year of life
Dr Melissa Harris: When life’s a pain: The relationship between stress and modifiable psychological factors in arthritis
Dr Emma Harley: Social support in later life: Cross-sectional and longitudinal analyses of inter-relationships between psychosocial variables in the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health study
Dr Danielle Herbert: An examination of trends in women’s sexual and reproductive health over ten years: Findings from the ALSWH; and miscarriage or termination of pregnancy in young and middle-aged Australian women: Are they infertile?
Hlaing Hlaing Hlaing: Dietary exposure and NCD mortality and multimorbidity
Dr Natalie Holowko: Disordered eating and BMI
Dr Alexis Hure: Comparison of Australian women’s dietary intake during pregnancy and non-pregnancy
Dr Anju Joham: PCOS in Australian women
Dr Hong Ju: Epidemiology of menstrual symptoms and healthcare use and QoL
Dr Nadira Kakoly: Longitudinal studies in PCOS
Dr Jeeva Kanesarajah: The burden of multimorbidity on Australian women: Associations with health related quality of life and health service use
Dr Robyn Kennaugh: “It’s not how old we are; it’s how we are old”: A salutogenic approach to how older Australian women experience ageing and respond to life stressors
Dr Rosemary Korda: Socio-economic inequalities in women’s use of health care services in Australia
Dr Sonja Kubik: Investigating the Association between Weight Status, Weight Change, and Headache in Young Australian Women
Dr Suzy Ladanyi: The prevalence and characteristics of consultation with a massage therapist among young and middle-aged women
Dr Lucy Leigh: Trajectories of health in the 1921-26 cohort of the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health
Dr Janni Leung: Urban-rural differences in health care for women with colorectal, breast and lung cancer
Dr Jeannine Liddle: Participation in the arts and its relation to healthy ageing
Dr Cassandra Lindsey: Tracking the impact of drug regulatory actions: consumer health outcomes, risk-benefit issues and policy framework – women’s comments on Vioxx and medicine safety
Dr Stephanie Lithgow: “Believe me I’m awake”: Language, dementia, and abuse among older women, and opportunities for abuse detection
Dr Beverley Lloyd: Young women, multiple roles and mental health: An investigation of epidemiological and lay perspectives
Dr Thomas Lo: Arthritis impact over time
Dr Deborah Loxton: Domestic abuse and health: Quantitative and qualitative investigations among mid-aged Australian women
Dr Tazeen Majeed: Workforce participation patterns over the life course and the association with chronic diseases – A gendered approach
Dr Alemu Sufa Melka: Electronic Cigarette Use and Cigarette Smoking among Australian Women
Dr Gabriela Mena: Understanding the relationships between weight gain, physical activity and indicators of women’s reproductive health
Dr Sophie Meredith Women’s experiences of tiredness, fatigue, and sleep problems and their use of health services including complementary and alternative medicine (CAM)
Dr Vijayendra Murthy: The use of complementary and alternative medicine for back pain by women aged 60-65 years across Australia: A health services research study.
Dr Afsoon Hassani Mehraban: A functional model of fall risk
Dr Lauren Miller-Lewis: Psychosocial predictors of pregnancy risk-taking, pregnancy, and childbearing in Australian youth
Dr Lisa Milne: The complexity of labour market inequalities: Gendered subjectivity, material circumstances and young women’s aspirations
Shiva Mishra: Estrogen exposure and risk of cardiometabolic diseases in women
Dr Rosie Mooney: Declining fertility rates and the normalisation of technological control of reproduction among young Australian women
Dr Sue Outram: Experiences of mid-aged women in NSW seeking help for psychological distress
Dr Anton Pak: Do access, quality and cost of GP services influence a patient’s decision to visit ED?
Dr Glennys Parker: Abused mid-aged Women in Australia: Experiences, well-being, and ways of coping
Dr Amanda Patterson: Iron deficiency in women of childbearing age
Dr Emma Poulsen: Complementary and alternative medicine use in the older adult population
Dr Mijanur Rahman: Modelling trajectories of aged care service use among older Australian women
Dr Catherine Regan: Developing a general risk alert index for older people: A measure of vulnerability to adverse outcomes
Dr Jane Rich: An interdisciplinary investigation into the relationship between drought and mental health in Australia
Dr Gabrielle Rose: A middle-age cohort study with Queensland women who have asthma
Dr Ingrid Rowlands: Coping with miscarriage: Young women’s experiences
Dr Nadine Smith: Mental health: A longitudinal analysis of the self-reported mental health of Australian women
Dr Esben Strodl: Psychological factors associated with the frequency of angina and the role of mediating variables
Dr Liane McDermott: Cigarette smoking among young women.
Dr Melissa Johnstone: Longitudinal aspirations of young women
Dr Heather McKay: Childlessness and the role of choice in childless women’s reproductive outcomes
Dr Nicole Reilly: Perinatal mental health: Psychosocial assessment, service utilisation and maternal outcomes
Dr Dinberu Shebeshi: Understanding Australian women’s hospital use dynamics in later life: The Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health
Dr Danielle Schoenaker: The role of diet in the prevention of maternal pregnancy complications
Dr Meredith Tavener: A shift in thinking: Comparing baby boomer narrative over time
Dr Kailash Thapaliya: Pattern of medication use in women with dementia
Dr Kaeshaelya Thiruchelvam: Evaluation of the uptake of pharmacist-led medication reviews and its impact on medication use among older women
Dr Daniel Tollosa: Multiple Health Behaviours in Cancer Survivors: Does a Cancer Diagnosis Provide a
Lifestyle behaviours in cancer survivors: measuring the teachable moment of cancer diagnosis
Dr Kees Van Gool:The impact of out-of-pocket costs on the use and distribution of cervical screening services
Dr Jananie William:
Predicting health system costs in relation to adverse birth outcomes
Dr Lauren Williams: Factors affecting weight change in mid-aged women
Dr Louise Wilson: The causes and consequences of hysterectomy
Dr Michael Wright: The value of continuity of care in Australian general practice
Dr Befikadu Wubishet: Health care utilisation and health economics of diabetes among Australian women
Dr Xiaolin Xu: Progression of chronic diseases and conditions in mid-aged women and beyond: he role of reproductive health over the life course and medication use
Dr Lu Yang: Traditional Chinese medicine use amongst Women with arthritis: A health services research study
Dr Anne Young: General practitioner utilisation among women in Australia
Dr Dongshan Zhu: Reproductive ageing and cardiovascular disease

Masters Students

To date 34 Masters students have completed projects using ALSWH data.

Frances Allyn: Restraint, emotions and health in relation to binge eating
Grace Baxter: Mental health in young Australian women living in rural and remote areas
Sophia Bracken: The Role of Perceived Social Support in the Relationship between Premenstrual Symptoms and Postnatal Depression
Sophie Callen: Young Australian Women’s Experiences of Endometriosis: A Thematic Analysis of Longitudinal Survey Data
San Kyu Kyu Aye: The association between dysmenorrhea and preterm delivery
Fiona Campbell: Predicting body dissatisfaction amongst young women
Anurina Das: Use of HRT by older Australian women
Putu Novi Arfirsta Dharmayani: Differential contribution of fruit and vegetable intake to general health in the ALSWH
Julia Dixon: Pregnancy planning and risk of adverse pregnancy and birth outcomes
Rebecca Fellowes: Optimism as a Potential Protective Factor for Mental Health Outcomes Following Sexual Assault
Jessica Ford: Survival analysis of older women
Karen Furlong: Epidemiology of osteoporosis in Australian women
Mahmousd Galal: Efficient drug use for women at aged care facility
Alison Griffin: The association between body-mass index and mortality in women, focusing on underweight and low-normal weight women
Darin Hinds: Health expectancies of sarcopenia
Dr Samantha Hollingworth: The contraceptive behaviour of young women in Australia
Nazim Khan: Social support in older women
Xue Ni Nikita Khoo: Is there an association between hearing loss and dementia?
Sonja Kubik: Investigating the association between weight status, weight change, and headache in young Australian women
Sophie Lewandowski: Carbohydrate restriction and risk of type 2 diabetes in reproductive-aged women with and without a history of gestational diabetes
Toni Lindsay: Traumatic events and health behaviours
Duncan Lowes: Investigating trends in K‐10 self‐reported distress and associated health service utilisation in a cohort of young women (aged 18‐25) from an Australian longitudinal study (ALSWH)
Thuy Linh Nguyen: Menstrual disorders and maternal depression
Jenny Powers: Stability of groups of correlated variables identified by exploratory factor and cluster analysis
Barbara Reen: Depression study: Emotions and health
Nicole Rutter: The impact of social support on the long term health effects of mid-aged women who have experienced intimate partner violence
Olivia Sandral: Compliance with current dietary health guidelines amongyoung-old women (68-73 years)– a cross-sectional analysisof data from the 1946-51 cohort of the AustralianLongitudinal Study on Women’s Health.
Mohammad Shah: The association between obesity, menstrual symptoms and back pain among young Australian women
Nadine Smith: Psychological predictors of successful ageing in a cohort of Australian women
Dr Caley Tapp: Associations between eating disorders in mothers and children’s diet and weight
Leticia Watanabe Ribeiro: Fast food consumption and allergy in children aged 5-12 years in Australia
Anthea White: Fall risk factors in mid-age women: Findings from the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health
Kore Yiee Wong: Differences in causes of death in urban-rural women
Yufan Wang: Lifestyle and Health in Australia: A study on the relationship between lifestyle practices and self-assessed health (SAH)
Angela Wood: A longitudinal analysis of Oral Contraceptive Pill (OCP) use
Eva Zhang: Text mining on qualitative ALSWH data

Honours Students

To date 25 Honours students have completed projects using ALSWH data.

Nicole Arthur: Young Australian women’s aspirations for work, marriage and family
Sandra Bell: Examination of the psychometric properties of the WHA Young Stress Scale: A measure of perceived stress for young Australian women
Chelsea Carle: Dietary intake of women with disordered eating compared to those without disordered eating: comparison of longitudinal data
Isa de Munck: Resilience after surgery in older women
Ker Nee Ding: Modifiable risk factors for cardiovascular disease among women with and without a history of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy
Wenggie Fong: Vision and hearing loss in older women: Health and psychosocial impacts
Claire Grennell: Stroke impact in older Australian women: A cohort study using self-reported longitudinal data
Adele Kahler: Unintended pregnancies and psychological wellbeing: Examining the role of partner violence
Elizabeth Knock: Anxiety and depression in young women
Janni Leung: Tobacco smoking and mental health
Elle McKenna: Dietary supplement use during preconception and pregnancy; the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health
Aimee McLeod: Contribution of fish intake to the nutritional quality of young women’s diets and implications for mercury intakes
Amy Beth Myles A longitudinal investigation of the somatisation construct in a nationally representative sample of younger women
Jia Yin Ooi: Dietary intake of women with disordered eating compared to those without disordered eating
Ashleigh O’Mara: Predictors of later life decline in mental health among older Australian women
Glennys Parker: Violence and abuse: An assessment of mid-aged women’s experiences
Jennifer Potter: Difference in dietary patterns amongst cancer survivors in rural versus metropolitan regions
Angela Rao: The factors associated with the use of prayer or spiritual healing among women aged 31-36 years and 59-64 years
Jessica Rayner: Dietary intake and type 2 diabetes among women with and without a history of gestational diabetes
Angela Reeves: The development of iron deficiency in Australian women
Jane Rich: The lived experience of drought: The story from the qualitative data of the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health
Vineta Salale: What drives health insurance purchases among younger women?
Stefani Strazzari: Contraception and young women
Carmen Yee: Association of fresh meat with vegetable intake
Zarrara Zia: Sleep disruption during pregnancy and its relationship with dietary intake