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Full dataset and linked data

Researchers wishing to use ALSWH data must seek formal permission from the ALSWH Data Access Committee. Please find below, guidelines on how to apply to conduct research involving secondary analysis using ALSWH data. Please note that commercial use is not permitted.

Please note that the option to undertake a Substudy (involving contact with participants) is no longer available to external researchers.

If you are planning on submitting a grant application that will include the use of ALSWH data, please refer to the FAQ found here Data access FAQs

Full de-identified survey dataset

This dataset includes all individual surveys items, derived variables and scale scores. You must select an ALSWH Liaison person to advise on your project. Apply directly to ALSWH – the application process takes approximately 2 months (see closing dates below).
Additional sub datasets may also be requested, including:

– Qualitative data

– Birth Events data

– Medications data

Linked health record data

External linked data may be requested along with the full survey dataset.

Attention! Use is strictly regulated. Approval will be sought from all relevant Human Research Ethics Committees and Data Custodians on your behalf. Note: this process is outside of our control and may take several months in addition to the standard application processing time. There are other important considerations for using these data.

There is no charge for data requests, however, if your project involves linked data (and you are not based in Brisbane or Newcastle) you should budget for travel or remote access fees.

Due to the complex nature of linked data, and ALSWH’s responsibilities to the data custodians:

Students cannot lead a linked data project – it must be submitted by the supervisor.

An ALSWH Project Liaison must be included in the project as a collaborator, and as an author on any publications.

Only one new external (non-ALSWH) linked data user can be added on any EoI, unless a student will be undertaking the analysis, in which case, the supervisor should also be nominated.

Linked data for approved projects can only be accessed:

At ALSWH sites at The University of Queensland or The University of Newcastle. Visits must be booked; access depends on the facilities and resources available.

Remotely through the SURE facility, researchers are responsible for fees and must organise access through their own institution. Note: SURE workspace should be named with the ALSWH project ID, for example ‘ALSWHXXXX’.

Before you apply

– For linked data, see linked data overview and important considerations

Read the following documents:

Discuss your proposal with your project liaison

Prepare a draft application

For linked data, complete the:

Apply via the Data Users Portal

Application closing dates

Please note the following ALSWH Data Access Committee meeting schedule for an approximate timeframe for processing Expressions of Interest. Once your project is approved, you will be required to complete additional documentation, relevant to your project type.

Applications CloseReview PeriodNotification of Outcome
31 JanuaryFebruary - MarchLate March
31 MarchApril - MayLate May
31 MayJune - JulyLate July
31 JulyAugust - SeptemberLate September
30 SeptemberOctober - NovemberLate November
30 NovemberDecember - JanuaryLate January