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Frequently Asked Questions

A: We are frequently asked if we can accept new participants to join the project. Unfortunately this is not possible. The longitudinal nature of the project means we must follow the health and lifestyles of the originally selected participants.

A: Yes. If you have a stable mailing address, we are happy to post the survey overseas, or to an Australian contact. Please contact us to arrange your mail redirection.

We take your privacy seriously. All data is de-identified before it is shared.

Data sharing is fundamental for ALSWH as a national research resource to strengthen the evidence base for supporting the development of women’s health policy and practice. We are fully committed to making our data available and encouraging collaboration between researchers in wide-ranging fields. Data sharing among multidisciplinary groups provides the opportunity for fresh perspectives and for gaining new insights and knowledge on women health.

If you have any further questions, you can phone us on 1800 068 081 or email us at info@alswh.org.au