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Translation and promotion

Press releases must be approved by the ALSWH Liaison person and must include the correct ALSWH acknowledgement, as follows:

The research on which this press release is based was conducted as part of the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health, which is managed by the University of Queensland and the University of Newcastle. We are grateful to the Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care for funding and to the women who provided the survey data.

If data linkage is mentioned in the release it must be acknowledged that the linked data were provided by the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health (also known as Women’s Health Australia).

Please ensure that your media team notify the ALSWH Communications and Engagement Officer before the release is distributed.

Plain language summaries (or lay summaries) are short accounts of research that are written for members of the general public (and researchers from other fields of study). They explain research to the non-expert. Plain language summaries provide a bigger picture context for the research and show why it is important. They are useful in supporting wider public engagement with research and are particularly important for research in medicine and health.

Plain language summaries support the dissemination of research to patients, participants, other scientists, health professionals and policymakers. They are written so the intended audience can read, understand and act upon the first time they read it.

Below is a link to a plain language summary template. We encourage you to use this template and share your summary. Please email a copy of your summary to our Communications and Engagement Officer for inclusion on this website and in newsletters and social media.

Download the Research Summary Template (Word Document).


The Study uses its Twitter profile (@ALSWH_Official) to disseminate outcomes to researchers and NGOs with an interest in women’s health research, policy and practice. If you’re publishing or presenting at a conference us please tag us in your tweets.


The ALSWH company page on LinkedIn (linkedin.com/company/alswh) is used to distribute reports and research summaries to a lay audience with an interest in women’s health research and policy development.


The ALSWH Instagram account (@alswh_official) is used to disseminate infographics to a lay audience.


The Study’s Facebook page presents research outcomes and health-related information to a lay audience. We would be happy to help promote suitably presented articles, videos, or infographics highlighting research results from our survey data.


To discuss content please contact our Communications & Engagement Officer.