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Core dataset

Confidentialised survey data with streamlined access.

These datasets are designed to be used:

  • for simple, descriptive analyses
  • for longitudinal investigations
  • as a first step to using and becoming familiar with the full survey datasets
  • to test the feasibility of potential research questions

This dataset is available from the Australian Data Archive (ADA). It includes total scale scores, with a reduced number of single survey items; sensitive variables have been omitted; and in some cases, response categories have been collapsed.

Data Books

How to apply

  • first, check current projects, to see research topics already being addressed
  • visit ADA Dataverse for more information or to submit an application (there are no closing dates; processing time is approximately 2 weeks).


Please refer to the conditions of use and publishing for a list of acknowledgements that you must use in any publication or presentation.

For further information please contact: alswh@uq.edu.au