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Core dataset

Confidentialised survey data with streamlined access. This dataset is available from the Australian Data Archive (ADA). Check the ADA website for for latest releases.

These datasets are designed to be used:

  • for simple, descriptive analyses
  • for longitudinal investigations
  • as a first step to using and becoming familiar with the full survey datasets
  • to test the feasibility of potential research questions

It includes total scale scores, with a reduced number of single survey items; sensitive variables have been omitted; and in some cases, response categories have been collapsed.

How to apply

  • check ALSWH current projects, to see research topics already being addressed
  • also see approved Core data projects at the end of this page
  • visit ADA Dataverse for more information or to submit an application (there are no closing dates; processing time is approximately 2 weeks).


Please refer to the conditions of use and publishing for a list of acknowledgements that you must use in any publication or presentation.

For further information please contact: alswh@uq.edu.au

Data Books

Approved Projects using ALSWH Core Data

Title Project leader
Trajectories and predictors of life satisfaction and mental health in Australian womenAnastasia Ejova
The excruciating price of the quest for motherhoodNatasha Poularikas
Trajectories of physical activity and health outcomes after major life events in Australian womenYuta Nemoto
Risk Factors in Women and CVD OutcomesGlen Wiesner
Understanding physical activity and sedentary behaviour in women with endometriosisLuana De Giorgio
The impacts of a healthy lifestyle on the physical and mental health of female stroke survivors in AustraliaSazedur Rahman
Identifying health behaviours as key targets for lifestyle modification and pre pregnancy interventionPaige van der Pligt
The relationship between optimism and work experienceWeiwen Yang
Trajectories of physical activity across the lifespan in Australian women: correlates and health consequencesYuta Nemoto
The Role of Stress in the Relationship Between Premenstrual Tension and Postpartum DepressionSophia Bracken
The economic cost of violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation for people with disabilityDennis McCarthy
The harms and benefits of sun exposure: striking the right balanceNamal Nishantha Balasooriya Mudiyanselage
The influencing factors of premenstrual tension and its influence on other mental disordersLulu Hou
Pregnancy Intentions and Subsequent Fertility and Contraceptive Behaviors among Australian WomenOtobo Ujah
Partnering patterns associated with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) in Australian womenYoobin Park
Adverse Childhood Experiences and the Risk of Pregnancy Complications and Adverse Pregnancy OutcomesTuhin Biswas
Gender equality in Australia: An exploration of the impact on sleep and healthAnna Scovelle
International Study on the Positive Aspects of CaregivingEmily Princehorn
The intergenerational transmission of violence and poverty: evidence from Australian womenAlice Campbell
Gender (in)equality in Australia - an exploration of the impact on key health outcomes across the life-courseJennifer Ervin
Is Workplace stress killing womenJanine Fletcher-Taylor
Longitudinal association between educational mobility and social supportFarzaneh Zolala
An observational cross-sectional study to identify factors associated with dental service utilization by Australian women of age 65-70Shilpy Vaid
Nature and Extent of Family Violence Amongst South-Asian CommunitiesIswa Chaudry
Trajectories of physical activity, sitting time and falls from middle age to older ageWing Kwok
Life events and loneliness among older AustraliansJack Lam
Economics of Improved Health associated with Interventions for Heart Valve DiseaseMarie Ishida
Family dynamics over the life course: Foundations, turning points and outcomes. Chapter 12: LGBTIQ+ familiesAlice Campbell
Consumption of diet soft drinksJo Zhou
The impact of recessions on women’s health outcomesLi Ang
Evaluating the aged care system in Australia and its preparedness to offer quality care to the changing demographicsAlison Campbell
Health and health literacy of refugees in AustraliaPrince Peprah
Misreporting of alcohol consumption in a cohort of Australian Women: Influences of Pregnancy on ReportingZachary Hayward