Published Papers - Abstract 11

Bryson L & Warner-Smith P. Employment and women's health. Just Policy, 1998; 14: 2019-3-14

In this paper we focus on the links between employment and women's health, with a view to contributing to broader debates relating to women, work and social policy. Our empirical data are from the survey responses of a cohort of women in the longitudinal Women's Health Australia (WHA) project. These women were aged between 45 and 50 years at the time of collection of the baseline data in 1996. Here we examine links between the hours the women are employed, their family commitments and their health, and we point to a strong association between better health and employment for women. Given a number of current trends, the policy implications of our findings are of particular importance for contemplating the future demographic characteristics of Australian society, over and above their fundamental relevance for women's citizenship.