Published Papers - Abstract 118

Warner-Smith P & Lee C. Hopes and fears: The life choices, aspirations and well-being of young rural women. Youth Studies Australia, 2001; 20(3): 32-37

The Australian longitudinal Study on Women's Health (WHA) focuses on the health and well-being of around 40,000 Australian women in three cohorts: young, mid-age and older (Brown et al.1998). The youngest were aged 18-23 when the first survey was undertaken in 1996. A follow-up survey for the younger cohort was undertaken in 2000. Participants were randomly selected from the national Health Insurance Commission database. They came from urban, rural and remote areas of Australia, with rural and remote women over-sampled to ensure good representation of this group.Data from the WHA show that young rural women's life experiences and aspirations are very different from those of their city cousins, which suggests that national policies need to take rural women's needs into account.