Published Papers - Abstract 93

Warner-Smith P & Brown P. The town dictates what I do: The leisure, health and wellbeing of women in a small country town. Leisure Studies, 2002; 21(1): 39-56

The contribution of leisure to individual health and wellbeing is well documented. It is also clear that patterns of leisure activity are differentiated by gender and regional differences, as well as those of age, class and ethnicity. This paper explores the leisure and wellbeing of mid aged rural women in a small Australian country town in the late 1990’s, focusing on issues which have been identified as being significant for women in isolated areas. These include poor job opportunities, a lack of public transport and other facilities, community designs that isolate women in their homes, family transience, and the politics of being different in a small community. Data are drawn from focus group interviews, augmented with observation, and the study is contextualised in findings from the Women’s Health Australia longitudinal study.