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Regional Australian women's perceptions of health and wellbeing pre- and post-COVID19 epidemic: an exploration of the qualitative data in the ALSWH.


This research will examine the qualitative portion of the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women's Health showing women s concerns for health and wellbeing pre- and post-COVID 19 pandemic. Specifically, this research will consider the responses from women in regional, rural and remote Australian communities, to examine differences in women’s reporting of stressors and things missed by the full survey. This study will provide foundations for further study of women’s perceptions of precarity and resilience in rural and remote regions and create opportunities to better understand and solve health equity issues facing women in these regions.  For this stage of the study we will be requesting data from the only cohort which currently has the 'before' and 'after' COVID data available, the 1973-1978 cohort.  As the remaining cohorts' data comes in, we will submit separate but related requests to ensure that all cohorts experiences are analysed.