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Risk factors for emergency and non-emergency caesarean births among women in NSW
The prevalence of caesarean section is now over 30% in Australia, despite the reported risks caesarean section poses to both the mother and the baby. This project aims to identify factors that relate to subsequent caesarean births using data from the ALSWH surveys of the 1973-78 cohort and also from ALSWH data linked with the NSW Midwives Data Collection. ALSWH data have been successfully linked with the NSW Midwives Data Collection. These data will be used to further explore the full range of predictors of emergency and elective caesarean section. ALSWH data from the first five surveys of the 1973-78 cohort have been used to investigate risk factors for emergency and elective caesarean births. A paper is in progress.

Prof Deborah Loxton
Ms Jennifer Powers
Dr Catherine Chojenta
Dr Xenia Dolja-Gore
Prof Andrew Bisits
Prof Ian Symonds
Prof Kathleen Fahy
Dr Jennifer Stewart Williams
Mrs Ashleigh Baker