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Opioid Use by Australian women: Patterns of use over time and association with physical and mental health and health care use
Prescription of opioids for persistent pain remains controversial due to the potential for significant adverse events, including gastrointestinal problems, mental and physical functional impairment, addiction, and death. Current opioid monitoring systems cannot identify and track individual opioid prescriptions, so the extent of inappropriate prescribing and associated harms in Australia is not currently known. This project aims to: (1) describe patterns of PBS opioids prescriptions for three cohorts of women (in their 30s, 50s and 80s), from 2002 to 2008; (2) examine demographic, psychosocial, health and health care utilisation factors associated with opioid prescription across time;(3) explore related health outcomes (quality of life, disability, falls) over time for opioid users.

Prof Julie Byles
Prof Lynne Parkinson
Dr Jane Robertson
Prof Isabel Higgins
Mr Richard Gibson
A/Prof Fiona Blyth
Dr Xenia Dolja-Gore
Ms Yushi Li
Dr Paul Kowal
Ms Amanda McGovern
Mr Sam Brilleman
Ms Aimee Heili
Dr Jennifer Stewart Williams
Dr Chris Hayes
A/Prof Anna Kemp
Dr Kris Rogers
Dr Cassie Curryer