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Hospital Use of Women 85+
More women than ever are living past the age of 85 in Australia, but little is known about the nature of their hospital service use, hospital experience and hospital outcomes. Increasing age alone is a risk factor for hospitalisation and less optimal outcomes, but other factors such as demographics and comorbidities also contribute to these experiences. As the aging population places increased demand on health services and resources, the importance of understanding the details of their hospital use is paramount. This project will investigate reasons for hospital admission and how age, demographics and comorbidities may influence the risks of hospitalisation, hospital use and hospital outcomes among older women.
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Prof Julie Byles
Prof Julie Byles
Dr Catherine Chojenta
Dr Andrew Searles
Dr Xenia Dolja-Gore
Dr Melissa Harris
Prof Hal Kendig
Mr Befikadu Wubishet
Mr Mitiku Teshome Hambisa