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The impact of motherhood on women's perception of time stress
Perceptions of time pressure are becoming more prevalent across society, and can be associated with poor mental and physical health, reduced life satisfaction, sleep deprivation, and relationship stress and instability. With a decline in the ‘traditional’ family structure, there is an increasing importance for policies that effect families to account for parental time resources. For this to occur, the policy evidence base needs to convey a sound understanding of women’s time pressure. This project will identify patterns of time pressure in women of the 1973-78 ALSWH cohort over a 16-year period, and determine the impact of children on women’s time.
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Prof Deborah Loxton
Dr Meredith Tavener
Dr Catherine Chojenta
Prof Deborah Loxton
Mrs Peta Forder
Ms Jennifer Powers
Dr Steffen Otterbach
Prof Julie Byles