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Access to medical specialists and GPs on the receipt of health services and cancer survival for NSW women with breast cancer: a Data linkage study.
Previous NSW studies using linked cancer Registry and hospital data (geocoded to enable the calculation of straight line distance in kilometres) have shown that distance to specialist services influences the hospital of treatment and the likelihood of surgery. With increasing distance to public specialist hospitals patients were more likely attend general hospitals for their care and were less likely to have surgery. The aims of this study is to examine patient and health service factors prior to and after a diagnosis of cancer in Australian women to determine the impact on rural residence and access to specialist surgical care and the likelihood of appropriate surgery. Cancers of the breast, bowel, lung and ovary will be examined. For breast and bowel cancers screening histories will also be included.

Prof Julie Byles
Dr Elizabeth Tracey
Prof Robert Sanson-Fisher
Prof Stephen Ackland
Prof John Attia
Mrs Peta Forder
Prof Jennifer Martin
Dr Xenia Dolja-Gore