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Flavonoid intake and depression, a longitudinal investigation in mid-aged Australian women
Depression is globally a major public health problem, affecting women more often than men. Traditionally, treatment includes psychological therapy and medications, but diet seems to play a role. Our previous findings showed that Australian women adhering to a Mediterranean style dietary pattern had a lower risk of depressive symptoms. This dietary pattern was characterised by specific foods such as vegetables and red wine, which contain polyphenols, a bioactive compound. Polyphenols can be divided into four groups: flavonoids, lignans, stilbenes, and phenolic acids. Flavonoids have received most attention as it is present in a wide range of foods such as fruits, vegetables, chocolate, tea,coffee, and wine. This project aims to investigate the association between flavonoid intake and depressive symptoms in mid-aged Australian women.

Prof Gita Mishra
Ms Johanna Rienks
Ms Danielle Schoenaker
Ms Liset Elstgeest