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Effectiveness of antidepressants in a longitudinal cohort- impact of dose, side effects, access to services and coprescribed medications
Depression is a mental illness characterised by persistent low mood and loss of interest or pleasure in usual activities. Antidepressant drugs are currently the most common treatment for moderate to severe depression. However, the effectiveness of antidepressants has been disputed in recent years. This project aims to profile the effectiveness of these drugs in a longitudinal cohort of women to examine factors that may be associated with improved effectiveness. We will examine over a three year period in women initiating treatment with antidepressants whether their effectiveness is related to dose and compliance, side effects, service use and concomitant medication.

Prof Julie Byles
Dr Madeleine Hinwood
Prof Julie Byles
Dr Xenia Dolja-Gore
Ms Danielle Lang
Mr Jarrod Bell
Lynn Goon
Prof Jennifer Martin
Prof Simon Dimmitt
Prof Hans Stampfer