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Complementary medicine and IVF: Longitudinal analysis of usage patterns and associations with stress, and pregnancy success
Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) use among couples seeking fertility care is on the rise, and 29% of the couples seeking fertility care had utilised one or more CAM modalities for the treatment of infertility; with acupuncture and herbal therapies being two of the most prevalent. CAM therapies are often thought to support fertility treatment; as such the use of CAM might be associated with better pregnancy outcomes in women undergoing IVF. However, despite high prevalence of CAM use during IVF (and a high number of assumptions underpinning reasons for such use) to date there has no formal or systematic examination of factors associated with CAM use in IVF, or the interface between CAM use, IVF and other pregnancy-related factors such as stress.

Prof Gita Mishra
Dr Sean Walsh
Dr Bertrand Yew Kian Loyeung
Dr Romy Lauche
Dr Jon Wardle
Prof Gita Mishra