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Study 3-Association between change in diet quality scores and NCD mortality and multimorbidity [Part of the student,s PhD project; Dietary exposure and NCD mortality and multimorbidity]
For investigating diet-disease associations, overall diet quality, measuring a range of foods, food groups, and/or nutrients has been adopted and widely applied in measuring NCD mortality risk. Exploration of the relationship between diet quality and NCD multimorbidity which is simultaneouspresence of two or more chronic medical conditions is scare. Since NCD mortality and multimorbidity are more prevalent in older people and women, this work aims to recognize how improved diet quality is associated with NCD mortality and morbidity among Australian Longitudinal Study on Women Health (ALSWH) cohorts [1946-51 and 1973-78 cohorts].

Prof Gita Mishra
Dr Alexis Hure
A/Prof Erica James
Dr Meredith Tavener
Ms Hlaing Hlaing Hlaing
Prof Gita Mishra