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A feasibility study for the collection of saliva and buccal samples and extraction of DNA to enhance the study of women’s health
The pilot study will test the feasibility of collecting DNA from saliva and buccal cells collected from a small sample of participants in the 1946-51 cohort using a mail-out system. The purpose of the study is to identify any issues with the collection procedure and any concerns of the participants. This study will help establish protocols for a cohort-wide DNA collection procedure with the view to add value to the ALSWH study by investigating the relationship between environmental and genetic factors that determine women’s health status.

Prof Gita Mishra
Prof Gita Mishra
Assoc. Prof. Sarah Medland
Dr Hsiu-Wen Chan
Dr Jodie Painter
Dr Hsin-Fang (Evelyn) Chung
Prof Deborah Loxton